THE drive-thru

2011-2013 Beijing, China


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THE drive-thru: Beijing, China: 2011-2013: ACT 2

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The Drive-Thru: Beers (and More) On the GO -The Beijinger

so that’s what happened to Ryan!!! after returning to beijing last time after a six month absence i’d found he’d sold the brick and had no idea where he was..

so first he started a small bar on an unknown street in shuangjing with some home-made salsas and bjork playing and turned it into the powerhouse of the Brick, putting shuangjing on the bar-scene map..and now another 1st for beijing.. honestly, teaching with Ryan in Soho back in the day i would’ve never guessed he’d become one of beijing’s F&B innovators..i’m so happy for him, if not a little

good job my man, and good luck!

..i promise the 1st thing i do next time i get back to beijing will be driving up for a beer!

Re: The Drive-Thru: Beers (and More) On the Go

Posted Jan 22, 2012 1:05pm by johnnybigstar